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RE 101 Tentative Class Schedule (Fall, 2017)

Please note the following:

1. You are to bring your [Lutheran] Study Bible to class every day

2. Although not listed below, reading assignments include the introductory essays for each book encountered. For example, on September 25, in addition to the biblical passages, students are responsible for the content of the introductory essays on pp. 123-4 (Leviticus), 162-3 (Numbers), and 219 (Deuteronomy).

3. Students should always read and will be responsible for the content of the side bar essays when they appear within the reading assignment., e.g. "Two Different Creation Stories" on p.4.

4. The following is a tentative class schedule. You will do well to check this site frequently to make sure nothing has changed relative to assignments and so forth. Links currently active are underlined.

5. You may need a new version of Adobe Reader. You can download it for free by clicking the following icon:

       :                SI Sessions this term: Mondays, 8-9 P.M. in Grossman 131

Date Day Topics Assignments
9/6 1 Topic: Introduction to the course Pre/Review for Quiz #1
9/8 2 Topic: Background Matters


Quiz on the syllabus
Read pages 19-32.
What is Bible Study?
9/11 3 Topic: Formation of the Canon
A general timeline
pp. 41-42
Formation of the Canon
9/13 4 Topic: Pentateuch and the Creation


pp. 45-46
Gen 1-5; Ps 74, 104
Mosaic or Mosaic?
9/15 5 Topic: Science and the Bible

Reread Gen 1-5; Ps 74, 104
Science and the Bible and Scientific Creationism and maybe some I.D.!
9/18 6 Beyond Eden: The Flood and Babel
The Gilgamesh Epic and Noah
Gen 6-11
Beyond Eden: The Flood and Babel
9/20 7 Patriarchs & Matriarchs Gen 12-22, Gen 27-33
Patriarchs & Matriarchs
9/22 8 Topic: Exodus: Cosmic Duel and Escape
Exod 1-15
Exodus: Cosmic Duel
9/25 9 Topic: The Covenant Exod 19-24; Deut 1-6; Lev 1-2; Num 8-10, Deut 28-34.
The Covenant
9/27 10 Topic: The Settlement of the Land

The Literary vs. Historical World in the Deuteronomistic History
Josh 1-7, Judg 1-3; I Sam 4-10;
The Settlement of the Land

Also, follow the instructions here to establish your account at turnitin.com.
9/29 11 Quiz #1
Pre Review for Exam #2
Quiz results will be e-mailed to you as soon as they are available
10/2 12 King David Attend a viewing of King David.  All showings are in Grossman 131

Viewing times:

9/28, 7-9pm
9/30, 1-3pm
10/1, 2-4pm


Class this day is optional. There is no formal class in lieu of you attending the King David film. However, the instructor will work with students in the library in an excersise for finding and using research tools in biblical studies.

2 Samuel as per the King David worksheet.

10/4 13

Topic: David the King and The Divided Kingdom
Facts about the Monarchy

I Kgs 1-8; I Kgs 9-12; Deut 17
The O.T. Maps
The Divided Kingdom 
    Extra Credit Challenge Click here for the challenge.
10/6 14 Topic: Amos & Hosea
8th C.Timeline and a bit about Hosea
Amos (chapters 1, 5-7) ; Hosea 1-4
Amos & Hosea
10/9 15 Topic: Isaiah, Jeremiah
7th Century BCE Timeline
Some information about Jeremiah
Isa 5-7; 36-39; Jer 1,7; 2 Kgs 21-22
Isaiah and Jeremiah
10/11 16 Topic: Exile & Ezekiel
Lam 1-2; Ps 137; Ezek 1-10
Exile & Lamentations worksheet
10/13 17 Topic: Return from Exile


Return from Exile
Read Ezek 36-7; 40, 47;
Isa 40; 42:1-4; 49:3-6; 50:4-11; 52:13 to 53:12;
2 Chron 36, Ezra 1, 8-10, the Cyrus Cylinder:
The Cyrus Cylinder in Translation.
10/16 18 Topic: Psalms and Song of Songs
The Psalms & the Song of Songs
Read Psalms 1, 8, 19, 22, 23, 90, 103 and 150.
10/20 20 Topic: The Way of the Wise
Prov 1-2; 8; 19; Ecclesiastes 1-3
A Worksheet holiday!  But count on a content quiz over the reading.
10/23 21 Topic: Job and Theodicy Job & Theodicy
Job 1-6, 38, 42

Short Job essay due on the 30th. Do the library work, please.

10/25 22 Quiz #2
Pre-Review for Exam 3
Quiz results will be e-mailed to you as soon as they are available
10/26-29   Fall Break! Yea! You will be quite lonely if  you come to class.
10/30 23 Topic: Fish Stories & Other Tales Short Job essay due.

Jonah & Ruth (all) 
Jonah & Ruth  

10/31   Reformation Table Talks An extra credit opportunity for you!
11/1 24 Topic: Visions & Dreams: The Birth of the Apocalyptic


Daniel and Apocalyptic: Visions & Dreams
Dan 1-7


11/3 25 Topic: What's a Gospel? The "Synoptics" Synoptic Worksheet Follow the instructions carefully, please, including the use of three colored pencils or pens. This is a pdf file that should be printed as it is formatted. Print this worksheet, complete it, and bring it to class.
Read Matt 1-5; Luke 1-5
11/6 26 Topic: Mark's Gospel Mark 1 - 16 (the whole gospel) Mark
11/8 27 Topic: Matthew's Gospels Matt 1-7, 28;
Matthew's Gospel

Prepare the map described here:  New Testament Map
11/10 28 Topic: Luke's Gospel

Term Paper description due!

You may find a PDF version of the term paper's
Grading Matrix.
You are to include a completed copy with your paper. Nota bene: the final matrix MUST include a peer review assessment.
Luke 1-6; 15-18
Luke's Gospel

The Term Paper description is due today!  Follow the instructions exactly, please.



11/13 29 The Parables of Jesus  
11/15 30 Topic: The Fourth Evangelist: John John 1-4; 12-17
The Gospel of John


31 Quiz #3
Pre/Review for Quiz #4
Quiz results will be e-mailed to you as soon as they are available.

Do research for your essay on some aspect of the Christmas story. You must bring a rough draft to class on 12/8!

11/20 32 The Jesus of History & the Christ of Faith

During class, take film notes

11/22 33 The Jesus of History & the Christ of Faith During class, take film notes
11/23-26   Thanksgiving Break.
Eat some turkey! 
11/27 34 Resurrection  
12/1 35 Topic: Galatians: Why is Paul PO'd? Read the letter to the Galatians. The Galatians worksheet will be due. While we are at it, a
Galatians extra credit
11/29 36 Acts of the Apostles Acts 1-2, 7-10, 14-15, 18-19
Acts of the Apostles and

Mediterranean Map
12/1 35 Topic: Galatians: Why is Paul PO'd? Read the letter to the Galatians. The Galatians worksheet will be due. While we are at it, a
Galatians extra credit
12/4 37 Topic: Paul, Women and the Pastorals 1 Tim (all); Rom 16; Gal 3; 1 Cor 11
Paul and Women
12/6 38 Topic: Catholic Epistles & Hebrews 1 Pet 1-2, Heb 1-4, 11-13; James 1-2, Jude
Please complete the Catholic Epistles worksheet
12/8 39 Term Essay Preview Bring three (3) PRINTED copies of you term essay to class.
12/11   Term Essay DUE at the BEGINNING OF THE HOUR. Submit you essay to www.turnitin.com. You need bring to class only a FILLED OUT copy of the Grading Matrix, including the signed Peer Review portion!Topic: Apocalyptic Visions of the End Rev 1-8, 21-22

For www.turnitin.com:

RE 101 01 (7:45 am) your class name is  15998403  and the password is Kyrie
RE 101 04 (9:00 am) your class name is 
15998478and enrollment password is Elieson.
RE 101 06 (1:15 pm) your class name is
15998557and enrollment password is Christe.

Nota bene: Passwords are Case sensitive.

Nota bene: Your ability to use www.turnitin.com  for this class will terminate 3.5 hours after the class begins on 4/10/17.  The paper is due at the BEGINNING of the class period on that date. Since the paper grade drops a letter grade per hour that it is late, there is no point in turning in an essay after 3.5 hours.

"Final" (Fourth) Exam schedule: Quiz results and final grades will be e-mailed to you as soon as they are available.

RE 101 01 (7:45 AM) 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM Tuesday, December 12
RE 101 04 (10:45 AM) 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM Thursday, December 14
RE 101 06 (1:15 pm) 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Wednesday, Deceber 13

A final grade report will be e-mailed to you.