Christianity and the Middle East Recommended Web Sites

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Be sure to visit the Middle East Institute of Wartburg College


Newspapers on-Line Ha'aretz Israeli daily paper: Jerusalem Post Israeli daily paper: Jerusalem Times Palestinian weekly Palestine Times

Magazines and Newspapers on Middle East
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Media Tracking Comments & critiques of articles in NPR, major newspapers. Tracks media spin on issues. Analysis of bias in reporting the current Intifadah.

HolyLand alternative news sources The International Middle East Media Center. Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Dialogue and Democracy. Bir Zeit University-with guide to Palestinian websites. Alternative Information Center Jerusalem Israeli bloc of peace  Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information - IPCRI  Israel Center for Human Rights The Palestinian Red Crescent Organization Palestinian Center for Rapproachment: Beit Sahour


Church Information Sites Catholic organization on Palestine Middle East Council of Churches-Jerusalem Liason Churches for Middle East Peace-Advocacy Sabeel Liberation Theology Center Worldwide Faith News - News Releases Christian Peacemaker Teams  Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding

Lutheran Church Sites  Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan - Jerusalem International Center of Bethlehem
LOGA: Lutheran Office of Government Affairs

Comprehensive Summary Betty Bailey's annotated survey of Websites

Books and Resourses American Educational Trust Book Club

Middle East Churches Armenian Church links
International Coptic Association

Peace and Justice Organizations  Bítselem-documents human rights abuses in the Occupied territories ĖThe voice of the civil Palestinian society  The Israeli Committee against House Demolition  Machsomwatch (checkpointwatch) Israeli Women for Human Rights-daily surveillances at various military checkpoints  Kibush (occupation) Magazine-a big collection of the information about ongoing Israeli occupation  Peace Now-Pro-peace Israeli movement excellent material about settlements  Gush Shalom-Israeli peace organization  Passia (Palestinian NGO)-excellent information about the separation wall and settlements ARIJ-Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem-Palestinian NGO-environmental and economical issues  Palestinian campaign against the wall  Haaretz-the best Israeli newspaper (English edition)  International crisis group




General background

The Palestinians: the Road to Nationhood David McDowall, Minority Rights Publications, 1994

The story of the Palestinians explaining the crucial events and issues surrounding the continued conflicts, and an analysis of the problems on the road to peace.

Whose Promised Land? Colin Chapman, Lion Publishing, 2000

Reprinted recently with a new chapter.  Excellent background.

 Religious perspective 

Justice and Only Justice  Naim Ateek, Orbis 1989

A Palestinian Anglican explains Palestinian liberation theology and seeks reconciliation and peace with justice.

Faith and the Intifada:  Palestinian Christian Voices  Naim Ateek, Marc H Ellis and Rosemary Radford Ruether (eds), Orbis 1990 

We Belong to the Land

Blood Brothers  Elias Chacour, Marshall Pickering 1990

A Catholic Melkite priestís story, from 1948 to the present day.

I am a Palestinian Christian  Mitri Raheb, Augsbury Fortress Publishers, 1995

Caught in Between  Riah Abu el-Assal

 Dying in the Land of Promise  Don Wagner, Melisende, 2000

The history of Palestinian Christians, and their lives today.

Intifada and Beyond

Drinking the Sea at Gaza Amira Hass

A Jewish Israeli journalist analyses the first intifada through the years she spent living in Gaza.

Dispatches from Palestine Graham Usher, Pluto Press, 2000

Collection of Usherís articles, charting the rise and fall of the Oslo Accords.