Starting in January, 2004, exemplary student papers will be posted here (with student permission). Please respect normal scholarly conventions with regard to citing these documents. The files are available for download in a PDF format.

Global Mission and the Theology of the Cross: A Cross-Denominational Study. By Chad Nelson.

PASTORAL CARE IN END O0F LIFE SITUATIONS: Dealing with the Stigmatized Loss of Stillbirth. By Kyle B. Barton

INCLUSIVE OUTDOOR MINISTRIES: An Untapped Agent for Social Change. By Jonathan Schack

THE CAMP-PARISH RELATIONSHIP: A Partnership in Ministry. By Jonathan Schack

DOES TRUE LOVE HAVE TO WAIT? An Evaluation of Harris' I Kissed Dating Goodbye. By Elizabeth Staniforth.

A NEW STORY. An Investigation of Our Modern Myth of Creation with Attention to Daniel Quinn's Ishmael:  An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit. By Eddie Glade.

ANNA: PROPHETESS AND TEACHER. An Examination of Luke 2:36-38. By Sara E. Matchulat.

THE WORD OF FAITH MOVEMENT: Theological Critique and Reflections. By Jason Alan Cornish