Reflective Essay

HI 231      Hollywood History

May 2010      Lindgren



This 3-4 page paper is your opportunity to explore the ideas of this class and the films that you have not yet written about.  While you may refer to The 300 Spartans/300 and The Crusades/Kingdom of Heaven, your focus should be on the other five films (Spartacus, The Lion in Winter, The Sorceress, the Name of the Rose, and A Knight’s Tale).  I will be looking for the connections you can make between the films, the class readings, and the concepts we have discussed in the course; what examples you choose and the concepts you highlight will allow me to see what you have learned.  As your pages are limited, you will need to choose carefully to be concise and effective in your argument.  You may use the first person if you wish, but please write in formal English and always provide citations in the form of footnotes.


Here is the assignment:

Imagine you have been invited to address a community group of some type.  They have given you the following topic: “How to (you provide the verb) a history film.”  The paper is your presentation.


The usual rules apply- double-spaced with one-inch margins, numbered pages, use Turabian to cite your sources, provide a bibliography.


Due at the beginning of class on Monday May 24.