Paper 1        ART 250           Dr. Lindgren                 Fall 2009


Write a thorough description of the formal characteristics of a single work of art.  Pick a single work of art from the textbook and write 1-2 pages that adequately and articulately describes the piece.  Pick a piece you enjoy because you will also use this piece for your next assignment.


Make sure your paper has an introduction, thesis, and conclusion.


Format should be double spaced, with one inch margins in a reasonable font.  Double sided submissions are allowed.  Use formal English and parenthetical citation to refer to the textbook.  The textbook should be your only source, but the paper should not rely too heavily on the textbook.


Due at the beginning of class on September 28



Paper 2              Dr. Lindgren              Fall 2009              Art 250



For this paper, you will put the art piece you described in Paper 1 into context.  Context may be historical, political, economic, religious, philosophical, geographic, and/or stylistic, and should be as comprehensive as you can make it.  For a piece like the Venus de Milo, one would expect to be able to find quite a bit of contextual information, while the Venus of Willendorf will be harder.  In the latter case, you may have to rely on the interpretations of archeologists found in specialized scholarly works.


Your first step will be to identify the place and period of your piece, then figure out what information is available about that time and place.  Once you understand the general context, research what is available about your piece specifically and its genre [i.e. Hellenistic sculpture] in the scholarly literature.  Once you can contextualize your piece in several ways (depending on what is available), you must then integrate your description from Paper 1 into your findings, revising and editing the first paper to fit seamlessly into the new material.  Do not simply cut and paste Paper 1 into Paper 2. 


Use both overview sources and specialized scholarly material.  While the exact ratio will depend on your piece, I will expect to see at least four sources that are not the textbook or lecture notes, although you may certainly use more.



Paper should be 4 pages double spaced with one inch margins in a reasonable font. Use an established citation style [like Chicago/Turabian] that allows you to use footnotes for your citations [these count towards your page count] and provide a bibliography of the works you used to write the paper, even if you did not cite from them.  The bibliography cannot be counted as one of your 4 pages.



Paper is due at the beginning of class on October 21.