Annotated Bibliography



For this assignment, all citations should be in Turabian/Chicago format. First list primary sources in alphabetical order by author (or title if there is no author), then do the same for secondary sources.  Below each entry, you should have a short indented single spaced paragraph of a few sentences discussing how this source is relevant for your project.  It may refer to only a small portion of the cited source or perhaps the entire work.



There is no set number of sources I am looking for but follow this advice:  You should have AT LEAST one major primary source OR AT LEAST 3 minor primary sources.  You should have AT LEAST 3 secondary works [journals or books].  You may also include overview sources in with the secondary works- but if those are your only secondary sources, that will not be acceptable.



Note on online source: The newest edition of Turabian (7th) says that for a footnote “give the author and title of the document (if available), the name of the database (in roman type), the URL, and the date you accessed the material.  In your bibliography entry, list the database as a whole, with the URL for the main page and without the access date.” (194)  I personally think more information is needed in the bibliography, and would welcome that in your annotated bibliography.