Castles and Cathedrals

HI 212


Dr. Erika Lindgren

May Term 2009


Course description


This course is an intensive travel course that will allow students to experience first hand the remains of medieval (as well as Iron Age and Roman) England and Wales, primarily in the form of castles, manor houses, cathedrals, churches, monasteries, and archeological sites.  In addition to site visits [ruins, buildings still in use or incorporated into other structures] we will also visit relevant museums.  The course fulfills an IC in Humanities/Fine Arts for the Wartburg Essential Education Plan, as well as Cultural Immersion.


Course objectives


•Students will learn in depth about the remains of medieval (and Iron Age and Roman) Britain, and will come to understand the political, social, economic, and religious history behind these remains.

•Students will become fluent in the vocabulary of medieval architecture.

•Students will learn about and experience a culture different from their own.

•Students will convey the knowledge they acquire to others using words and images.


Required Materials- apart from luggage and documentation.

Marie de France, The Lais of Marie de France

Gerald of Wales, The Journey through Wales


Course packet of readings- shared in pairs

Notes for your “Tour Guide” presentations


Course requirements


General Participation:  Students will actively engage in discussion of what they see, experience, and read.  Readings should be completed before the day’s activities on which the reading is listed.


“Tour Guide” presentations:  Each student will guide the rest of the group through two sites which they prepared initially in the prep course.  They will explain the historical and art historical significance of the site.


Journal:  Each student will keep a handwritten journal.  Journal entries will address what students learned at the sites visited and from their reading.  Answers to prompts given by the professor at sites should be included in entries.


Display: In the fall, the class will create an educational visual display related to the course content for public viewing.  This will be displayed on the series of panels outside the Controller’s Office.


Grading: on a traditional A, B, C, D, F scale


Participation    400 points

Tour Guide 1   150 points

Tour Guide 2   150 points

Journal             200 points

Display            100 points

                       1000 points


Students will follow the covenant that they signed




Schedule/ Itinerary

P= Britrail Pass day   WT= Freedom of Wales Pass train day   WB= Freedom of Wales Pass bus day.

Breakfast provided all days.  Evenings free unless otherwise indicated.

C= Café or restaurant in hostel, I=Internet at hostel, L=Laundry facilities, K=self-service kitchen


Sunday 4/ 26   DEPARTURE


Depart Waterloo Airport. Select students join group in Minneapolis. Meals on international flights.


Monday 4/27   P


Arrive Manchester 10:30.  Customs.   Activate railpasses. Train to York. Eat something on the train. Walk to hostel and check in.  16:00 Walking tour with York Voluntary Walking Guide Gerald Middleton- meet at the York City Art Gallery on Exhibition Square by the fountains.  18:00  Dinner together.




Tuesday 4/28


Breakfast 8:00.  9:00 coach departure from hostel to Cistercian Fountains Abbey [Leah] (9:45-11:30).  Coach return to York, arrive 12:30. Lunch on your own in York.   14:00 Jorvik Viking Center. 15:30 Merchant Adventurer’s Hall.  Clifford Tower.  Dinner on your own.


Read: Jewish England [packet] 




Wednesday 4/29


Breakfast 8:00.  10:00 York Minster tour with Yorkwalk- Guide: Warwick Burton.  Meet at the Statue of Constantine by the south transept. Lunch on your own.  St. Mary’s Abbey. 15:30 tour of Barley Hall  Dinner on your own.


Read: Bernard of Clairvaux, An Apologia to Abbot William [packet]




Thursday 4/30  


Breakfast 8:00.   Pack a lunch or eat at Rievaulx.   9:00 Coach departure to Mount Grace Priory (10-11:15).  Coach to Cistercian Rievaulx Abbey [Sarah] (12-14:15).  Coach to Helmsley Castle (14:30-15:30).  Coach to Pickering Castle (16-17:00). Coach return to York, arrive 18:00.  Dinner on your own.


Read: Early Norman and Angevin kings [packet]




Friday 5/1   P


Breakfast  7:30.   Check out of hostel. Train to Durham.  Carry luggage.  Durham Cathedral [Cassie]  Lunch on your own in Durham or Newcastle. Train to Newcastle.  Metro to hostel (Jesmond Metro Station). Check into hostel and leave luggage. Metro to Tynemouth.  Tynemouth Priory.  Metro to Central Station for Castle Keep.  Tour of Keep.  Metro to hostel.  Dinner on your own in Newcastle.


Read: Bede on St. Cuthbert [packet]


OVERNIGHT:YHA Newcastle-on-Tyne BB   I K


Saturday 5/2


Breakfast 7:30.  Check out of hostel.  Jesmond Metro Station to Central Station.  9:00 Hadrian Wall Bus AD 122 at stop 124 [on Neville St.] to Roman Army Museum, Walltown Quarry. Arrive 11:06. Lunch at museum on your own. Walk up to Wall.  AD 122 Bus at 15:06 to Augustinian Lanercost Priory.  Arrive 15:34. Visit Priory.  Bus at 16:58 to hostel.  Arrive at 17:48. Check into hostel.  Eat on your own [hostel restaurant, make something, go to Twice Brewed]


Read: Marie de France, Guigemar and Equitan


OVERNIGHT: YHA Once Brewed   C  L K


Sunday 5/3 


Breakfast  8:30.  9:15 depart hostel. Check out Once Brewed National Park Visitor Centre.  Walk to Vindolanda Roman Fort and Museum. Eat lunch at Museum or pack one. Walk along Wall to Housesteads (3 miles).  Housesteads Roman Fort.  Optional walk in Greenlee Lough Nature preserve.  Bus back to hostel at 15:59, 16:29 or 19:00 from Housesteads car park.  Dinner together at Twice Brewed Inn and Pub.


OVERNIGHT: YHA Once Brewed   C  L K


Monday 5/4      MAY DAY


Breakfast 7:30.  8:28 bus (Once Brewed Main Road) to Chesters, arrive 8:46.  Walk to site of Roman Milecastle 29. Walk back to and visit Chesters Roman Fort and Museum.  11:44 bus to Hexham. Lunch in Hexham on your own. Augustinian Hexham Abbey.  Old Gaol in Hexham.  Dinner in Hexham or back at hostel. Bus back to hostel from Hexham Tourist Information at 16:00 or 18:35.


Read: Marie de France, Le Fresne and Bisclavret


OVERNIGHT: YHA Once Brewed   C  L K


Tuesday 5/5      P/WB


Breakfast 7:30. Check out of hostel.  Walk to Bardon Mill for 9:14 train to Carlisle, arrive 9:56.  Catch 10:07 train to Warrington Bank Quay, arrive 11:39. Take 12:26 train to Flint, arrive 13:09.  Flint Castle (admission charge) [Leah]. 14:39 train to Bangor, arrive 15:31.  Bus to Caernarvon [multiple].  Check into hostel. Explore Caernarvon. Dinner on your own.


Read: Marie de France, Lanval and Les Deux Amanz




Wednesday 5/6    WB/WT


Breakfast around 8:00. Catch 8:50 bus 1 from Pendist to Porthmadog (Queen’s Hotel).  Walk to station.  9:58 train to Harlech, arrive 10:16. Harlech Castle [Emily] (10:30-12:10). 12:25 train back to Porthmadog, arrive 12:45. Lunch in Portmadog or on train.  13:35 Blaenau Ffestiniog Railroad to Blaenau Ffestiniog, arrive 14:45.  Conwy Valley line at 14:52 to Llandanou Junction, arrive 15:51.  16:15 train to Bangor, arrive 16:36.  Stop and stroll along the Victorian pier. Dinner in Bangor on your own. Bus to Caernarvon [3 or more an hour]


Read: Gerald of Wales, The Journey Through Wales, 63-80.




Thursday 5/7  WB


Breakfast around 7:15.   Bus to Conwy.  Conwy Town Walls.  Conwy Castle. Aberconwy House. Lunch on your own. Bus to Beaumaris.  Beaumaris Castle. Bus to Caernarvon.  Caernarvon Castle [Sarah] Dinner on your own.


Read: Gerald of Wales, The Journey Through Wales, 80-96.




Friday 5/8  WB/ P


Breakfast around 6:30.   Check out of hostel.  Catch 7:15 bus S6 from Bus Station (B) to Bangor Train station.  8:08 train to Tenby via Shrewsbury and Carmarthen. .Lunch on the train. Arrive 15:41. Walk to hotel and check in. Walk around Tenby, stretch your legs and go to the beach.  Dinner on your own.


Read: Gerald of Wales, The Journey Through Wales, 96-121.


OVERNIGHT: Southcliff Hotel


Saturday 5/9  WB


Breakfast 8:00. Bus 349 towards Haverfordwest at 8:51.  Arrive Pembroke Castle 9:36.  Pembroke Castle [Dana] (9:36-11:00) bus 349 from Pembroke Somerfield (SE) at 11:05 to Tenby War Memorial.  Walk to Harbor.  About noon take boat to Caldey Island. Lunch at the tea room or eat a sandwich. Walking tour of Island (Old priory, St. David’s). Late afternoon boat back to Tenby. Dinner on your own.


Read: Gerald of Wales, The Journey Through Wales, 121-141


OVERNIGHT: Southcliff Hotel


Sunday 5/10  WB


Breakfast between 8:00 and 9:00. Early morning free. 11:01 bus 349 from Saw Mills (N) to Lamphey Church.  Walk to Lamphey Bishop’s Palace.  Visit Palace (11:50-14:00). Walk to Lamphey Church to catch bus 349 at 14:15.  Arrive Tenby 14:55.  15:30 Tenby Tudor Merchant House.  Late afternoon free. Dinner together in Tenby.


Read: Gerald of Wales, The Journey Through Wales, 141-157


OVERNIGHT: Southcliff Hotel


Monday 5/11   WB


Breakfast between 8:00 and 9:00. 9:43 train to Kilgetty (arrive 9:51).  Walk to St. Mary’s Place. Catch  bus 381 at 10:03 to Haverfordwest (stn. 1) arrive 10:45. Walk to Stn. 5 for bus 411 to St. David’s city hall at 11:04.  Arrive 11:43. Lunch in St. David’s on your own.  St David’s Cathedral. St. David’s Bishop’s Palace. Walk to City Hall. Bus 411 back to Haverfordwest (Stn. 5) at 17:00 or 17:50, then bus 381 (at Stn. 1) back to Tenby at 17:50 or 18:40 (Arrive 18:55 or 19:34). Dinner on your own.


Read: Gerald of Wales, The Journey Through Wales, 159-181.


OVERNIGHT: Southcliff Hotel


Tuesday 5/12 WT


Pick up breakfast.  Check out of hotel. 7:40 train to Carmarthen. Bus X11 (9:00) to Kidwelly (arrive 9:21).  Kidwelly Castle (9:30-11:30).  Bus 198 to Llanelli at 11:59 from Kidwelly Boot and Shoe (arrive 12:42). Catch Heart of Wales train at 13:37. Arrive Shrewsbury 17:10.  Check into Tudor House. Walk around Shrewsbury. Dinner on your own.


Read: Gerald of Wales, The Journey Through Wales, 181-209.


OVERNIGHT: Tudor House


Wednesday 5/13


Breakfast 8:00   Shrewsbury and Shrewsbury Abbey.  Train to Chester.  Lunch in Chester on your own. Chester Cathedral [Emily], Mews and walls.  Train to Shrewsbury.  Dinner on your own.


Read: Marie de France, Yonec and Laustic


OVERNIGHT: Tudor House


Thursday 5/14 P


Breakfast 8:00  Train to Ludlow. Ludlow Castle [Stephanie]. Lunch in Ludlow on your own.  Train to Craven Arms.  Walk to Stokesay Castle.  Stokesay Castle. Return to station. Train to Shrewsbury.  Dinner on your own.


Read: Marie de France, Milun and Chaitivel


OVERNIGHT: Tudor House


Friday 5/15  P


Breakfast 8:00. Check out of Tudor House. 8:53 train to Hereford. Arrive 9:48  Hereford Cathedral [Dana].  Mappa Mundi. Lunch on train. 12:42 train to Bath. (Change in Newport at 13:34/13:44) Arrive 14:35  Bus 18 to hostel and check into hostel..  Tea at the Regency Tea Room together – Jane Austen Centre.  19:00-21:00 Walking tour of Bath with the Mayor’s Guides.


Read: Marie de France, Chevrefoil and Eliduc




Saturday 5/16 


Breakfast 7:30.  Pack a lunch or be willing to eat at the pub in Lacock.  Mad Max Tour leaves from the Glass House at 8:40.  Tour of Stonehenge, Avebury, Lacock and Castle Combe.  Return 16:30. Dinner on your own in Bath.


Read: Magna Carta [packet]




Sunday 5/17   P


Breakfast 8:30..  Pack a lunch  Train at 9:27 or 10:22 to Salisbury. Walk around Salisbury. Bus 6 at 12:20 to Old Sarum. Old Sarum. Bus 6 at 14:21 to Salisbury. Salisbury Cathedral [Stephanie] Train back to Bath at 17:28, 18:02, or 18:28.  Eat on your own.


Read: Documents of the Church of Salisbury [packet]




Monday 5/18  


Breakfast 7:30.   Transfer luggage to YMCA. 9:05 bus 173 to Wells. Arrive 10:22. Wells Cathedral (10:30-12:30). Lunch together at Anton’s Bistrot or Penn’s Bar at the Crown.  13:43 bus 173 to Bath.  Arrive 15:00. Roman Baths. Dinner on your own in Bath.




Tuesday 5/19   P


Breakfast 7:00-9:00. Free Day




Wednesday 5/20     P


Breakfast 7:30.  Check out of YMCA but leave luggage at YMCA. 8:37 train to Southampton Central, arrive 10:04. 10:15 train to Winchester. City of Winchester.  Great Hall. Lunch together in Winchester. Winchester Cathedral [Cassie]. Bishop’s Palace Holy Cross.  Train back to Bath at 16:41, changing in Reading at 17:05, arrive 18:28. Pick up luggage. Train to Manchester- at 19:35. arriving between midnight and 1 am.  Hang out, finish journals, try and get some sleep.


Read: Matthew of Westminster on Simon de Montfort’s Rebellion [packet]




Thursday 5/21    RETURN


Depart Manchester @ 6 am.  Hand in journals before we board. Arrive Minneapolis or Cedar Rapids.






The professor reserves the right to make changes to this syllabus/itinerary, and will notify students when she does so.