Fall 2009

Art 250




For this paper, you will compare two pieces of art from the textbooks, one which you have already used in earlier papers and a new piece.  The pieces must have some distance from each other-either chronological or geographic, yet something must connect them.  That connection might be similarity in style, theme, function, culture, patronage, medium, or purpose.  This connection- as well as the contracts between the pieces, will be the focus of your paper.  As part of your comparison, draw on skills you practiced in the first two papers, description of the actual pieces and context for the pieces.  While description will be vital how else can you compare- the context should not be thorough as you may have presented in Paper 2- though it may be key to your comparison.  You might for example look at two portraits or commemorative pieces, and explore what they emphasize as a way of showing the values of different cultures.  You might look at the different ways the human body is displayed. 



Make sure you have a clear and effective thesis. Use both overview sources and specialized scholarly material.  While the exact ratio will depend on your piece, I will expect to see at least four sources that are not the textbook or lecture notes, although you may certainly use more.


As you make your choice, please remember that there are TWO textbooks.

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Paper should be 4 pages double spaced with one inch margins. Use an established citation style [like Chicago/Turabian] that allows you to use footnotes for your citations [these count towards your page count] and provide a bibliography of the works you used to write the paper, even if you did not cite from them.  The bibliography cannot be counted as one of your 4 pages.



Paper is due at the beginning of class on November 20.