Double Feature 2 Paper

HI 231  Hollywood History

May 2010



For this 2-3 page paper, use your notes from The Crusades and Kingdom of Heaven, and the readings from class that you feel are appropriate.




The question I want you to explore is how are these two films examples of medievalism and orientalism?  How and/or have the subsequent decades between the two movies changed 20th/21st century American conceptions of these two ideas? 




To cite sources, use Turabian style.  This means footnotes and a bibliography [not counted as your 2-3 pages].  If you are unsure of the style, check the Library website, go to the Writing Lab in Pathways, or talk to the instructor.




Number your pages and give them one-inch margins.  Use a reasonable 12 point font and double space.  You may double side your paper.


Due at the beginning of class on Monday May 17.