Episode Viewing Log

IS 101 04 Winter 08


Watching a television show for entertainment is different than watching one for class.  You need to look differently and be more aware of what is going on, paying attention to detail.  You will want to keep a notebook to track notes about the various episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  These will help you with class discussion, your Buffy paper, and the final project.  While everyone’s notes may vary, you will be expected to keep track of at least the following:


Episode title and number

Observations on your character

Observations on your production element

Major story arc developments

Brief synopsis of plot



And at least 3 of these themes:


Relationships- familial, friendship, sexual

Forgiveness and Redemption

Choices and Consequences

Education [broadly defined]

Gender roles

Use of language



You might also include questions that occur to you, notes about reoccurring elements, broader issues of genre [horror, comedy, soap opera, fantasy- how is the show like and unlike these?], what connections do you notice, what symbolism?




Bring the log to class each day.  It can be collected anytime by the professor who will let you know how you are doing in your observations and where you might improve-   The grade will be issued at the end of the semester- but I will let you know where you seem to be headed.




Buffy Character Cheat Sheet



Buffy Summers [all seasons]

Willow Rosenberg [all seasons]

Xander [Alexander] Harris [all seasons]

Rupert Giles [all seasons]

Cordelia Chase [seasons 1-3]

Joyce Summers [seasons 1-5]

The Master [Big Bad season 1]

Principal Snyder [season 1-3]

Oz [Daniel] Osbourne [season 2-4]

Jenny Calendar [season 2-3]

Angel/Angelus [season 1-3, guest appearances after that]

Spike [season 2, season 4-7]

Drusilla [season 2]

Faith [season 3, 2 episodes in season 4, last half of season 7]

Mayor Richard Wilkins III [Big Bad season 3]

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce [second half of season 3]

Anya/Anyanka [mid season 3, season 4-7]

Riley Finn [season 4-5, one episode season 6]

Tara McClay [Season 4-6]

Dawn Summers [5th season to end of series]

Glory [Big Bad season 5]

Kennedy [season 7]




Important places

Sunnydale High School Library [expositional central season 1-3]

The Bronze [nightclub throughout series]

Giles’ apartment [exposition central season 4]

Magic Box Magic Shop [exposition central season 5-6]

Summers’ house [all seasons]

UC Sunnydale [season 4-5]