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Light. Light. Light.

The two versions of the photography text below are identical, with the larger version having sharper illustrations.

Another Photography Book, 45 megsAnother Photography Book, 100 megsEquipment for Check-Out

Graphic Design

Design and Technique Basics

The required design textbook is Robin Williams’ Non-Designer’s Design Book (3rd or 4th edition) . The required technical textbook covers Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Xd. The print edition is $14. The PDF version is free.

Williams Design Textbook (on Amazon)Adobe Design Basics, PDFAdobe Design Basics, Print (link)Chapter 8 Text

Communication Design

Research, Look, Repeat

Graphic design is about communicating, not making something pretty. Unless making something pretty helps the communication. 

Type BasicsType DefinitionsType Factettes

Communication Design II

Flexing the Design Muscles

Only offered in Fall Terms. Coming into the class, students know how to ‘look’. Here they learn how to be flexible designers when confronted with a variety of situations.

Lab Applications Available

Art & Graphics Labs

Where You Work

The Art Lab is officially open from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. There are two student workers available for assistance with design and technical help. Their hours are posted.

P8000 Instructions (Art Lab)P5000 Instructions (Art Lab)P9800 Instructions (Graphics Lab)Common Lab Fonts

Illustrations: Eva Murguet, May 2017; Sara Thibault, Winter 2019; Kai Oelschlager, Winter 2019; Jenna Brannaman Fall 2018; Anshika Singh, Fall 2019