Photos of ISCANic XII September 19-21,1998


Abbey, Sati, & Jamaica Me Crazy You Look Comfy

Always What is that around your neck?

Always in handcuffs What did you do silly boy?

Aradrake Slinky, slinky. Everybody sing.

TheBrez & KUMARI Our first handcuffing. :-)

Cerberus & Tressa Wim strikes again!

IO Error We like that shirt.

IO Error, & Houston Heya guys. :-)

A group Shot Who do you spy?

Another group Interesting convo?

Yet another group How the eats?

The Shakey's gang Food, folks and fun...Okay.. so the food may not be that great

The Booths Talk, talk, talk.

A friendly group You guys look great!

Houston Cool man!

Houston, & Always What's that you say?

Houston & his moose Nice moose.

Houston's tongue piercing Cute :-P

KUMARI and Lyfe's little one She has to hold the baby's.

Lyfe and his baby The Proud Father

Marcus Arelius & Jabberwocky And someone else.

Midnight Star Praying to the gods of the bowling alley

Midnight Star & Lxndr Two Great Guys!

Mystic One & Dr Doctor Me and my Giant!

Mystic One & Dr Doctor again Your so BIG!

Mystic One glaring oooo... BIG AND SCARY TOO!

Pizza slut Or is that hut? I can never remember... I am so confused

Radish The Great TheBrez, & KUMARI Jeremy is enjoying this way to much

Radish The Great and Little T the Great Sisters.... Sisters....... :-)

Red Flower, Tressa, Cerberus Happy campers?

Robin Goodfellow & Endrick On guard!

Silverwolf Looks pretty scary to me.

A sloth's orgy We were to lazy to take our clothes off. :-)

Tressa in cuffs & collar You must submit!

Tressa Duct taped It makes it hard to walk

Wim Rumping Woolfenden & Always Did you guys make-up?

Wim Rumping & Woolfenden Kissing What else can you do while duct taped together?

Wim Rumping & Woolfenden w/ Swords That will teach you to mess with me!

Wim Rumping & Woolfenden Duct taped to a tree Nice and cozy!

Wim Rumping & Woolfenden still taped "My Hair! It's stuck!"

Woolfenden Taped up Do you give lessons? I think Tressa needs pointers.

Woolfenden & Always "Revenge is mine!" says Woolfy

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