Computer Art is a course that is no longer available. It is included here for reference and a sense of history - things in the design world have changed a lot since I last taught this course.

Advanced Design Projects (which may be taken multiple times for credit) is now the course to take if you would like guided study of a particular theme or set of techniques.

A few student examples from the course:

Altered Photographs:
Allen Sessler
A selection from a series of images of family

Jamie Larson
A selection from a series of images

Kristi Lasack
A selection from a series of images

Ian Gan
This is part of a larger sequence of Flash animations which unfortunately will not link together on this site. Amazing that these flash animations still work with the current Flash plug-in.

Ian Gan
Ian's site was really nice, so here is another selection from it

Ian Gan
Okay, this is the last one I will put here

Ben Brase
A short movie that uses 3D modeling and a canny understanding of planet dynamics

Jeremy Grasby
A small movie that also uses 3D modeling (Bryce). This version is too small to see nuances like the flying cow.

Casey Kaspareck
Flash movie with a surprise (not really) ending. Guy flick.

Casey Cordes
Flashed Korn

Chris Brown
This was originally done in Director (like, version 2 or something). Good luck viewing it (you need the Shockwave plug-in).