Photography II is currently held as an independent project course. Students may also take the content of the course in Advanced Design Projects.

Each week the student meets with the instructor to critique their progress on a project of their own choosing. At the end of the course the student is expected to have a set of presented photographs that are both technically and aesthetically excellent. Along the way many photographs are generally shot and many 'work prints' made. This course is should only be taken by students with a high interest in furthering their photography skills and who are able to work independently. Students are expected to meet with the instructor not only for the weekly critique, but whenever they need technical or aesthetic guidance.

Photography II can also be taken as a techniques course, where the emphasis is learning and furthering skills in a specific technical area, such as lighting or silver-based photography.

Projects from Past Terms

JESSICA GRANT (Winter 2016)
Jessica decided to expand her technical toolbox, with wonderful results. PDF opens in new window.

Kristin made it a weekly point to have an apology for her photographs being too romantic. No apology needed - she does it well.

HEIDI LAURER (Fall 2004)
Portraits seem to be popular in this course. Heidi's are a bit edgy and totally human. But not romantic.

CLINT PRESCOTT (Winter 2004)
Retro isn't the right word, but Clint's self portraits do recall the the sixties.

ALAN SESSLER (Winter 2001)
Alan's project uses infrared film to reinforce the poetry of the final prints. The original prints are small and on a soft and smooth paper.

Dawn's abilities at portraiture are well documented in this set of prints. The originals prints are 11x14 inches.

ERIN TRACY (Winter 2002)
Early on in the course we decided not to focus on getting one set of cohesive prints done - Erin's experimentation was much too varied and rich.