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06 W Steph Goetz
06 W Sayumi Abe 1 and 2
06 W Greg Schmidtt
06 W Diana Grotzinger
06 W Brooke Neilsen

05W Erica Quade
05W Jason Burns
05W Kyle Gibson
05W Rachael Rickinger
05W Sarah Jones 1 and 2

Allen Sessler
Bouncing boxes
Cinnamon Ansorge
Instructional animation
David Baldwin
Running animation
David Baldwin again
We don't have a lot of time
Derek Pine
An introduction to a portfolio piece
Emily Roesger
Catchy music and a dancing Emily
Jeff Martinovichi
Jeff Martinovici
To the cheese!

Jordan Drackley
Roaming butterfly
Kris Fassler
Kristi Lasack
A short multimedia piece done for the last assignment
Nate Stoltman
Short promo piece for KWAR
Renee Leonard
A really nice logo animated
Ryan Holzer
See Casey dance. A couple of animations
Sara McClure
The starts of an online portfolio
Sara McClure
A short fairy thingy
Sara McClure
I think a link is broken on this one, but it has a very nice beginning
Steph Rasmussen
A little fun with Flash
Collin Votrobeck
I haiz bean imprezzed
Clint Prescott
Sorry about putting this in here

Emily Oliver
The box
Jake Kohlhaas
Some squares and stuff
Mike Tyer
Okay, this is the best one. Well, either this one or Collin's (see above)
Nate Kerl
Nate is spending too much time in front of the computer