NOTE: I have not taught this course for a while, and the information has not been updated!

Art History is a survey course covering the history of western art. We use Gardner as the text for this class, and the lectures generally stick fairly close to it. Therefore, although the text is rather daunting to read straight through, it can be used to good effect as a reference to reinforce the lectures and as a study aid for the exams. Most students find that reading the relevant text soon after a lecture is the best way to learn the material, but you may choose to read the text before the lecture.

The graded components of this course are a term paper and three tests. The paper goes through multiple revisions, and the writing center on campus has been a great resource for students to use in the preparation and editing of it. The tests are divided into several different sections from slide identification to essay questions. If you are having trouble with the tests see the instructor. There are many ways students in past sections have found to make the tests easier. Group studying and flash cards seem to be the most common methods. I would also suggest taking very good notes during lectures. If you have just the text to rely on you will probably be in trouble - the text we use is not known for presenting the information in a concise manner.

This course is writing intensive, with the requirement being satisfied by both the paper and the essay questions on the tests. It is also an interdisciplinary course, and a portion of the class material will be presented from a non-art history perspective. Please think twice about taking this course if you are only taking it to rid yourself of a ID requirement. This course does not assume a knowledge of art, but it does assume an interest in art.

Class Forms (pdf in a new window):
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Test and Paper Descriptions
Study Sheet for Test 1
Study Sheet for Test 2
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