Advanced Design Projects
is intended primarily for Communication Design Majors and Minors. You choose a design project (or a couple if you must) and over the course of the term you complete it. Every week there is an in-progress critique of your project. In this course you are graded every week upon the actual design progress on your project. The technique that you must learn to complete your project is not counted towards the grade—computers have a high learning curve, they break, can be crabby, and files get lost easily. You should know this by now and plan accordingly.

I will be of assistance with both design issues and technical issues that arise. Let me know if you would like help and I will either hold optional lecture sessions or give you one on one assistance with issues. You must let me know what you need - this class does not lend itself to my second-guessing. For example: If you are avoiding doing something like movies in an interactive piece I have no way of knowing you would even want to do movies. Let me know, then you can decide if you think it is worth the effort to actually do it.

As you can see from the student examples to the right, this course used to be quite a bit different and there was more latitude in the project you could choose. That latitude is actually still there—if you would like to work on a self-determined project, feel free to discuss it with me. I will be especially receptive if you are not taking the course as a major or minor requirement (you may be repeating the course for credit or your major/minor may be in another area).

Class Help (pdf in new window):

Dreamweaver CC Lessons
This is the pdf version of the book you can get free from the iTunes store (search for ACME Dreamweaver CC). The iTunes Store version has an active glossary. This version is for CC 2015.2. If you need one for an earlier CC version click here.

Dreamweaver CS5-6 lessons
The same lessons for previous versions of Dreamweaver.

Payne's web links
The web is a wonderful resource for design. These links will get you started: You will find many more along the way.

Project Possibilities
Don't know what your project will be? Pick something you will love doing, and talk it over with me. Here are some ideas to get you started on thinking either about your project or elements within your project.

Portfolio Hints
One of the requisites of this class is a portfolio. Here are some ideas about the physical shape this might take.

Student Projects
Most of the following links open in a new window, and some older ones have annoying sound. Broken links and images are sometimes my fault—over time things get lost. Also, some very good ones are not included because of problems with the PDF files.

Alex Gheysens (F15)

Brooke Namanny (F15)

Julia Ratekin (F15)

Mauricio Gutierrez (F15)





Alex Bokemper (F13)

Kelli Miller (F13)

Kristine Millibrandt (F13)

Sibusiso Kuenene (F13)

Tim Flores (W13)

Sarah Schickel (F12)

Diedre Whipple (F12)

Danielle Miller (f12)

Becca Fagerlind (M12)

Robin Peterson (W10)

Shawn Milliken (W10)

Heidi Hanson (W07)
Link to website in a new window

Sayumi Abe (W06) Web & Printed Work
Links to her site. And her printed work

Sarah Jones (W06) Web & Printed Work
Links to her site. And her printed work

Steph Goetz (W06) Web & Printed Work
Links to her site. And her printed work

Jennifer Simmer (W05)
A pdf file from a semester studying typography-read it to learn a few things...

And some older things...
(see them while there is still Flash!)

Brian Burrier (W04)
Personal Portfolio done in Flash

Heather Homandberg (W99)
Personal (?) web site - some really well-done things, has Director intertactives

Emily Roesger (W01)
Runner's package

Ryan Holzer (W01)
Eye-Fire (nuff said)