Seminar in Art is a course designed to be the culminating class for all Art Majors. This course can be roughly divided into two aspects. The first aspect is a nuts & bolts approach at filling in missing information (image copying, copyright issues, overmatting if you missed this in other courses, etc.) and preparing for life after college. This includes making and performing multiple revisions to a resume, portfolio, and web presence (see requirements sheet).

The other aspect of the course involves furthering your communication and thinking skills to prepare you for life without the support of classes to help you improve your knowledge. In support of this aspect, the student prepares two papers, two presentations, and should participate in class discussions on the ethics and theories of art. Hopefully these papers, presentations, and discussions will not be regurgitations of what published authors think, but opinions of the student's informed by the thoughts of these writers and of the student's own experiences. If you do plan on going to graduate school, this aspect of the course will also aid in the transition to the way of approaching things there.

The culminating experience of this course is the Senior Exhibit. Here the student shows off the best of what they can do creatively. In many ways it should be a reflection of what was learned in the course of four years.

Seminar is a time-consuming course, especially if you have to redo or make work for your portfolio. It can also be a lively class where students can bring their own personality to the table. It should also be a class where free speech rules the hour and feelings don't get brittle. Constant praise is really nice, but some constructive criticism is usually more helpful.

Class Forms (pdf in a new window):

note: if you are using these for class, make sure they are for the correct term - things change.

Other things
Graduating Seniors
As you can see, this is not a complete record. Let me know if you have pictures from the years I do not.

Personal Disposable Portfolios
These are portfolios made to give away. It is not a requirement anymore, but I would certainly suggest it.