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Majors and General Information
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Art 108 Graphic Design
Art 205 Communication Design
Art 206 Computer Art
Art 208 Photography
Art 209 Photography II
Art 210 Communication Design II
Art 310 Advanced Design Projects
Art 460 Seminar in Art
Art 250 Art History I: Early through Gothic
Art 251 Art History II: Renaissance through Modern

Note: Many of the best projects in Payne's courses are not to be found in these pages. Many projects were handed back before he could record them, some were lost, some have copywriter issues, and others are just too big to fit in webspace. Additionally, note that many of the images are copies of sometimes dubious quality of really nice originals. There is just no way to portray the beauty of a well-made photographic print or drawing in pixels (no matter how many you have).