The design of these pages was mostly done 'white' on 'black' since there is not a lot of reading to do. It also somewhat matches the first export to web selection in Adobe Lightroom. As proof of how unproud I am, I credit the DARING FIREBALL, whose web design I shamelessly borrowed to suit my own purposes here. Fonts are Futura where they are not system fonts.

There are a few design problems in these pages which I have let slide. The web is time-consuming stuff, and I would rather have it complete and easy to update than perfect. That being said, please let me know if you find things you think I should change. And PLEASE let me know if you find mistakes. I would much rather be critisized than embarrassed.

The design is done using CSS based on HTML5 specifications (how can you not use these?!). I have avoided java script unless it was really needed and i am using some CSS that is not kosher for Internet Explorer. Get Firefox (even though the gosh-darned rollover background color on the banner will probably not work right until v 4).

The past redesign was in 2001 (okay, I have been busy with other things). Here is what it did look like. The redesign keeps the 'decorating images' like those on either side of this text. They don't work as well with the new design, but they are an interesting approach. The filenames of these (unmercifully cropped) images are the names of who did them. Drag a photo to the desktop to see who did it.


Thomas Payne, November, 2010